Together We Are Stronger Than This Disease

Transform the life of someone with Alzheimer’s

At the Integrace Institute we are working hard right here, right now in our community to improve the quality of life for people living with neurocognitive conditions.

Join us on our mission to change perceptions, build community and transform the life of those living with Alzheimer’s today through a contribution to the Integrace Institute.

Through person-centered research, education and partnerships we are shaping a world where every individual is seen through the eyes of their potential by providing:

  • Support from the moment of diagnosis
  • Community connections with others living a similar journey
  • Opportunities to participate in research studies that will impact their life today

Through your generous contribution , we promise to continue our steadfast mission to put power into the hands of people living with neurocognitive conditions.

Make a Difference Today

For Royce and Stan Hanley, their Integrace journey has been about two things: Answers and Action.