The Integrace Institute has a history of more than 20 years of providing exceptional educational programming on Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders. Our new services and education programs focus on helping people think differently about dementia. We specialize in providing education and consulting services to help organizations design, develop, and implement person-centered models of living.

Educational Services

Each of our education programs are designed with the adult learner in mind. Using a variety of interactive methods and strategies, we aim to help each learner develop the critical thinking and problem solving skills needed to be a successful and contributing member of a person-centered culture.

Consulting Services

Our diverse team of experienced consultants are available to provide guidance and input on a wide range of projects, issues, and initiatives. From the development of new models, education and engagement of staff, to reviewing construction and renovation plans and evaluation of quality outcomes; our team can help guide an organization through each phase of their culture change journey. The Institute team provides consulting within three distinct focus areas:

For more information, please contact Dr. Tabassum Majid: – 410-970-2063