For over 20 years, the Integrace Institute at Copper Ridge has been dedicated to excellence in Alzheimer’s and dementia through on-going research and education. We have always been known for our innovative research and findings related to dementia and its positive impact on improving the quality of life for those living with this disorder. As we continue to evolve and look towards the future, we are really excited to share our broadened focus in the field of neurocognitive disorders. This expanded emphasis will create new opportunities to empower care partners and professionals to support meaningful living for those on this journey.

Our goal is to positively impact care practices through the development of new programs, founded on evidenced-based research and implemented through outreach and education for both professionals and care partners. The Institute’s revised mission: Advancing transformational neurocognitive care practices through person-centered research and education, reflects that direction.

Partnerships through the years have included The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, University of Maryland School of Nursing, Erickson School of Aging at UMBC, Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach to Care program and many others. We look forward to building on these and collaborating with others.

In 2014, the parent company of the Copper Ridge Institute, EMA changed its name to Integrace to better reflect its new direction for the future. As part of this strategic process, the Copper Ridge Institute changed its name to compliment the new brand and bright future of Integrace. And so it was renamed: The Integrace Institute at Copper Ridge. To that end, you now see a new, updated website that reflects our mission, values and vision for the future.

This transformation is founded on our Integrace Pathways© philosophy, a model of living rooted in our belief that each person should have the freedom and be empowered to live in a way that is most natural to them. Our new vision statement reflects that philosophy: Shaping a world where every individual is seen through the lens of their potential.

As we move forward, we look to a future full of opportunities, new relationships and partnerships. Most importantly, we envision a future that positively changes the landscape for those living with neurocognitive disorders and their valued others.

Cindy Yingling
Director, Integrace Institute at Copper Ridge